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4 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Geo Targeted Facebook Ads

Facebook has become one of those entities that just about everybody today uses. Every day people use Facebook to keep in touch with family, friends, and colleagues, celebrities use Facebook to communicate with their fans, and companies use Facebook to let their customers know about their business. Did you know that you can also use Facebook’s geo-targeting tool to let nearby Facebook users know about your business? Here are five reasons why you should be using geo-targeting on Facebook to advertise your business this holiday season.

You Can Attract Anybody In The Area To Your Business

If you’ve been on vacation to an unfamiliar area recently, you’ve probably found that your smartphone can be an indispensable tool that helps your vacation run more smoothly. Thanks to your phone’s GPS, you’ve probably been able to find a nearby hotel or restaurant with just a few keystrokes on your screen. As a business you can also use geo-targeting to let those customers know about your business proactively once they enter your area. That will save your potential customers time by doing their search for them and also drive more customers to your business after they see your ad.

Advertise Sales and Promotions

Just like while on vacation, customers also use their smartphones in brick and mortar stores while shopping. That means, if you’re operating a brick and mortar store, you can send targeted ads to your customers while they’re shopping right in your store. Did you decide to offer a sale that day that you didn’t advertise earlier? Let your customers know about it while they’re shopping so they can take advantage of it. You can also combine in-store geo-targeting with external geo-targeting to let people within a certain area of your store know about the sale and potentially bring in more business.

Help Your Customers Cross Things Off Their To Do List

Geo-targeting can be extremely useful if your business is located in an area with other businesses. For example, let’s say that it’s getting close to winter you’re a tire retailer located in a plaza with a grocery store. You could use geotagging to send out an advertisement to let customers at the grocery store know that you are offering short wait times on tire changeovers. This might be enough of an incentive for a busy professional to drop their car off for a tire change over while they do their grocery shopping nearby. It’s a win for the customer you attracted since they can take care of two tasks at once, and it’s a win for your business having attracted someone who may not have otherwise gone to you.

Incentives for Loyal Customers

In the past, Foursquare was known for offering incentives for customers to check in at their location, and now with Facebook you can do the same thing. Incentives can help bring your existing customers back and also help attract new ones when the friends of your existing customers sees them checking in there. Word of mouth advertising can be powerful and check-ins via Facebook can be an easy way for your existing customers to get the word out about your business. As for incentives, those can be in the form of discounts or free items you can give to your customers simply for checking in.

If you’re not using geo-targeting as part of your Facebook marketing plan, you could be missing out on some key opportunities for attracting new customers to your business, especially during the holiday season. Getting the word about your business out in the world doesn’t have to be hard and geo-targeting can help with that process. Smartphones aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so don’t be afraid take advantage of technology in order to bring more customers in your door.

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