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About bMighty2

staff-groupSince we started bMighty2 in 2011, helping small businesses succeed online has been our mission.

Prior to bMighty2, we specialized in custom web development and web application development. Over the years, we would get phone calls, all the time, from small businesses looking for websites and help with their online presence. Unfortunately, more often than not, our minimum budget was just too expensive for most small businesses.

It just seemed like a waste. Wasn’t the promise of the internet to be the great equalizer? To make small businesses seem BIG? But honestly, most small business owners were being priced out, with web design and development costs typically being 5 to 10 thousand dollars or even more, and that was just the website. No marketing! A website with NO MARKETING means NO TRAFFIC and NO TRAFFIC means NO SALES. If your website isn’t going to help you do business, why bother?

So that’s why we created bMighty2. We knew there had to be a better way for small businesses to take advantage of the web to Attract, Build, and Convert customers and clients.

This is why we would like to help your business or organization the same way we have helped hundreds of other businesses use the web to grow sales.

What Services Does bMighty2 Provide?

The services we provide at bMighty2 vary according to the needs and objectives of each client. Here is a quick rundown of the individual services that we provide:

  • WordPress Web Design & Development
    We are experts working with WordPress. We have built hundreds of sites on the WordPress platform and have developed our own responsive WordPress framework.
  • Search Engine Optimization
    We provide a number of different search engine optimizations packages, depending on your objectives. Whether you need to attract a global audience or want to focus your efforts on a local audience, we have the right solution for you.
  • Social Media Ad Campaigns
    We focus on social media ad buys and audience acquisition for our clients. These ad buys happen on three primary social network channels: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Additionally, we can arrange full-on social media management via our partner 802 Social if you need day-to-day management of your social media channels.
  • Email Marketing
    bMighty2 provides a robust email marketing platform that provides an easy to use full-featured platform with real-time reporting, branded templates, automated marketing campaigns, list management tools, and campaign personalization tools.
  • Keyword & Banner Ad Campaigns (PPC, pay-per-click)
    Whether you are looking for keyword search ads, banner network ads, or retargeting ads, we will handle all aspects of your campaign management to make your ad buys. This includes campaign keyword strategies, banner design, landing page design, call-to-action testing, and campaign keyword optimization.
  • Online Content Creation
    bMighty2 provides a number of content creation services, including website text, case studies, press releases, and downloadable white papers. We can handle all aspects of your content creation—from editorial to design.

When we get client testimonials like this:

bMighty2’s technical knowledge and thoughtful strategies involving web based marketing, email communications, and the power of key social media platforms have produced spectacular results!

— Nick Preston, Director, Freestyle America

It just makes our day! We love when small businesses succeed!

We Love Vermont!

fall-in-lincoln-1Our Lincoln, Vermont, office is the heart of our company, with the bulk of our staff based here, including co-founders Holly and Bryan Grundon. It’s where we design, build, and develop the tools you need to market your small business in the digital world of today.

It’s small businesses that are the backbone of the economy here in Vermont, and our mission at bMighty2 is to help them leverage the power of the Internet for their marketing needs. We are committed to providing web design and digital marketing solutions that will help Vermont small business conquer the web, compete with larger companies, and expand their market reach. Our ultimate goal: to be not only a trusted digital marketing partner, but a true advocate for small business here in Vermont.

In support of our role as a small business advocate, we’ve held several marketing seminars for the local small business development center and chamber of commerce. We’re also members of the Vermont Chamber of Commerce, Addison County Chamber of Commerce, and Lake Champlain Chamber of Commerce, and have participated as exhibitors at the Vermont Business Expo and Vermont Tech Jam. We’re not stopping there – we plan to continue to reach out to other small businesses in the region with the goal of providing support and helping them grow their businesses.

As Bryan has often said, “Vermont is a great small business state.” We agree – but it’s so much more. When you add other amenities like quaint towns, breathtaking landscapes, and friendly people, you get one of the best states in the union to work, live, and play. From Burlington to Brattleboro, Middlebury to Montpelier, Vermont is a special place – and we’re proud to call it home.

Learn more about the web design and digital marketing services we offer our clients in Vermont and beyond.

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