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Changes to Facebook’s News Feed – What it Means For Your Small Business

Facebook For Business

Big news from the Facebook camp!

Facebook recently announced new changes are on their way for the newsfeed that are designed to make marketing on Facebook streamlined and easier. Essentally, Facebook is attempting to streamline the Facebook marketing and advertising process, which is big news for businesses and organizations. Facebook announced through their blog, “We’ve been working hard to simplify advertising on Facebook, streamlining the ad products we offer and also making them easier to use.”

The changes to the News Feed are designed to make users see more information that they want, and less of what they don’t. Currently, the average Facebook user has 1,500 stories per day in their News Feed. Facebook does currently sift through these stories to try to present the user with the top 300 it thinks is relevant to them, the the new upgrades are designed to further strengthen this process.

Here are the three major changes to the news feed you can expect:

1. Story Bumping:

Once implemented, Facebook will start to “bump” older stories it believes to be relevant to you up higher into your newsfeed. For instance, if make a post and post it to your business page at 8:30am and a user who likes your page logs on at 3pm, Facebook (if it feels the story is relevant to that user) will bump the story higher into the user’s News Feed. This will make your posts much more likely to be found by users and means more reach for your posts.

2. Last Actor:

The new Last Actor Upgrade will take a look at the last 50 people/pages that that person interacted with and boost posts by those people/pages. Therefore, if you can drive people to your Facebook page, you are able to much more effectively reach these users with your posts.

3. Chronological by Actor:

You may notice when a user or business page makes a multitude of posts in quick succession, these posts can sometimes be broken up by other user’s posts, making it difficult to read these posts in chronological order. This new upgrade will show these quick posts in chronological order without other user’s posts breaking them up.

4. Clearer Communication to Businesses:

Facebook is also planning on posting more to it’s Facebook for Business Blog to provide more information of getting the most out of marketing on Facebook. Facebook is planning on sharing more information about how the ranking algorithm they use. This algorithm, called EdgeRank uses hundreds of data points to attempt to determine which posts you are most likely interested in seeing.

Clarity on how EdgeRank works is huge news for businesses marketing on Facebook as in the past, Facebook has kept businesses in the dark about how it works. By knowing some of the data points it looks at when ranking posts, this will allow businesses to better optimize their posts for EdgeRank and have their posts much more likely to be found!

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