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Creating a LinkedIn Company Page for Your Small Business

LinkedIn is a powerful marketing tool for any business, particularly businesses that operate in the Business-2-Business (B2B) realm. LinkedIn will allow your business to get in touch with professionals and other businesses to collaborate and even sell your products! However, …
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How to Boost Facebook Posts From Your Business Page.

Promoting your Facebook posts is a quick and relatively cheap way to get more people to see you post. When you promote a post, Facebook places your post into the newsfeed of viewers it thinks would most likely want to …
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Google Places

How to Claim Your Business On Google Places

Adding your business to Google Places is a great way to help get your business discovered online and drive traffic to your website or even directly into your business! Having you business listed on Google will allow your customers to …
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Marketing Plan

Update Your Small Business Marketing Plan!

Marketing a small business is all about putting yourself into the shoes of your customers and understanding why the buy your products, how they buy your products and what makes your different from your competition. These reasons WILL change constantly …
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Bang Bang

I’m No Techie

Okay…so I work for a web marketing company.  You’d think I know a lot about web design, online marketing, SEO, bots, hyperlinks, meta tags, etc.  (I had to look at a glossary to come up with some of these terms!). …
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You Only Take Cash? Try Square!

A couple years ago I heard some whispers about how Twitter’s founder, Jack Dorsey, was creating a tiny little device that would allow you to accept credit card payments on your smart phone. For anyone. Not just business folk. Like, …
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Good Enough?

Is Good Enough Really Good Enough?

When you’re in the business of providing small businesses with a beautiful and effective web presence, you deal with a wide variety of businesses and business owners. Now, in some cases, our Small Business Advisors run into business owners that …
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Website, Website, Website

Location, Location, Location? More Like Website, Website, Website.

According to new research conducted by OnePoll, over two thirds of consumers believe that having a good looking and functional website is more important than the business’ physical location in terms of making a purchasing decision. With the strength of search engines to help …
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Your Calling Card

Your Calling Card

When I was selling advertising several years ago, it was obvious, even then, that this business I had known so well was heading in a new direction. Many magazines were shutting down. The newspapers were downsizing and even going out of print. The advent of the DVR …
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Web Jargon Alphabet Soup

Web Jargon Alphabet Soup!

PPC, SEO, SEM, SMM, API, blah, blah, blah, it’s enough to make your head hurt. Web jargon for small business owners can sometimes just seem like alphabet soup but don’t get lost with all of the web terms and jargon. …
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