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Local SEO for Your Small Business

5 Local SEO Tips to Make Your Business MORE Visible Online. Making sure your business is visible online is mission critical. Both Google and Bing, which provide 80% of all global searches according to data from Net Market Share, try to …
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Getting Organized: Planning Website Content the Right Way

Planning and constructing a website takes a TON of work. There’s the overall design to make, navigation to construct, e-commerce to set up, databases to connect to and many many more aspects to building a website. However, one extremely important …
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Find Your Niche.

For most small businesses, competing directly with big box stores and global companies is almost certainly not a viable option. These companies have gigantic marketing budgets and the ability to down out competition in traditional medias and with pricing. Instead …
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Google Places

How to Claim Your Business On Google Places

Adding your business to Google Places is a great way to help get your business discovered online and drive traffic to your website or even directly into your business! Having you business listed on Google will allow your customers to …
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Get Your Marketing Ready for the Holidays!

Believe it or not, the holidays are soon coming upon us. Scary… Isn’t it? Now I’m not the sort of person that starts playing holiday music in August (In fact I try to avoid it until maybe December 23rd), but …
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YouTube for Small Business Made Easy

Any marketing business will tell you about how useful YouTube can be for promoting your business. With YouTube videos, you can show off your business and your products in ways that words on paper or on your website can’t get …
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Do You Need a New Website?

Was Your Website Made on One of These?: Having a website is one thing. Having a working website that drives traffic to your business and effectively communicates with your customers is another thing. Just because you currently have a website, …
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How to Get Quality Inbound Links to Your Website

Think adding the right keywords to your website’s pages is all you need to do to rank well on the search engines? There’s more to it than that – you also need quality inbound links to boost your rankings. Avoid …
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Google logo with magnifying glass

On-Page SEO Basics for Your Business Website

If you’ve got a business website, odds are you want people to see it – otherwise, what’s the point, right? Though there are various ways of getting people to your website, getting it ranked highly on Google and other search …
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Google logo with magnifying glass

How Google Works – A Very Cursory Explanation

As we all know, Google is the #1 search engine in the world. Millions of people use it every day, with the company generating billions of dollars each year through its ads. But how does Google work? Here we provide …
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