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Planning Your New Website

When building a website for your business, failing to plan means planning to fail. Without planning out your small business’ website first, you are going into the website construction blind. Without planning first, important features are forgotten, design can become …
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Setting Goals: Your Path to Success

  Goal setting is an extremely important part of owning and operating a small business. In many cases, small business owners tend to get get caught up too much in the day-to-day operations of their business. Without setting a big-picture …
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Find Your Niche.

For most small businesses, competing directly with big box stores and global companies is almost certainly not a viable option. These companies have gigantic marketing budgets and the ability to down out competition in traditional medias and with pricing. Instead …
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You Can’t Afford Not To!

Two of the biggest objections I hear to investing in a website for your business are: 1) I can’t afford it. and 2) I don’t have time. I say you cannot afford not to! Take it from Henry Ford, one …
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Bang Bang

I’m No Techie

Okay…so I work for a web marketing company.  You’d think I know a lot about web design, online marketing, SEO, bots, hyperlinks, meta tags, etc.  (I had to look at a glossary to come up with some of these terms!). …
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Gone in 7 Seconds

Have you seen the movie “Gone in 60 Seconds”? You know, the one with Nicolas Cage. About the cars. I know, sometimes all the Nic Cage movies can just blend together into one long movie about stealing the Declaration of …
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Would You Fire This Guy?

You put up a Craigslist listing looking for a new guy to increase your sales. And you found him. His name was Frank. He was going to get the word out and get more people coming into your doors. Getting …
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Good Enough?

Is Good Enough Really Good Enough?

When you’re in the business of providing small businesses with a beautiful and effective web presence, you deal with a wide variety of businesses and business owners. Now, in some cases, our Small Business Advisors run into business owners that …
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Website, Website, Website

Location, Location, Location? More Like Website, Website, Website.

According to new research conducted by OnePoll, over two thirds of consumers believe that having a good looking and functional website is more important than the business’ physical location in terms of making a purchasing decision. With the strength of search engines to help …
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Your Calling Card

Your Calling Card

When I was selling advertising several years ago, it was obvious, even then, that this business I had known so well was heading in a new direction. Many magazines were shutting down. The newspapers were downsizing and even going out of print. The advent of the DVR …
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