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Share Your Business, Not Your “Bizness”…

In the business world, there is a fine line between being personal and over-sharing! As a business owner, you are the face and voice of your company, brand, products, services and mission. Often times we see businesses sharing personal judgements, political opinions and rants …
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What I Learned About Social Media from One Guy Eating a Burger in His Car

Have you seen DAYUM? No? OK. Let me explain. There’s a guy who has a channel on YouTube. I believe it’s called DaymDrops. And all he does is set up a camera in his car and eat takeout food while …
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I'm Not Here

If You Dread Social Media For Your Business, Start Here

Have you heard of the productivity term called “batching”? It’s when you group similar activities together and get them done in… batches (anybody have a thesaurus?). For example, a lot of families like to do all of their grocery shopping …
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Facebook News Feed to Show More “High Quality” Content

In a post through their “Facebook for Business” blog, Facebook announced today that the News Feed will rank “high quality” posts higher than so called “low quality” posts. This is just one of many changes Facebook is rolling out in …
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Yelp Babysteps: Creating Powerful Word of Mouth

Remember in the good ol’ days when you would provide great service and your customer would go and tell his cronies all about how great you are. In other cases, someone would have a bad experience (not with YOU, of …
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Marketing Your Restaurant Online.

I’ve worked my fair share in restaurants as a dish-washer, prep cook, you name it. I know restaurant owners are some of the busiest people in the world. Working from the early morning hours to late into the evening everyday, most barely get …
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Get Your Marketing Ready for the Holidays!

Believe it or not, the holidays are soon coming upon us. Scary… Isn’t it? Now I’m not the sort of person that starts playing holiday music in August (In fact I try to avoid it until maybe December 23rd), but …
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Don’t Be That Guy…

  While operating in business mode, sometimes it’s easy to forget that social media starts with the word “social”. While it is vitally important to keep your target audience up to date on your latest offerings, the best way to …
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Facebook For Business

Changes to Facebook’s News Feed – What it Means For Your Small Business

Big news from the Facebook camp! Facebook recently announced new changes are on their way for the newsfeed that are designed to make marketing on Facebook streamlined and easier. Essentally, Facebook is attempting to streamline the Facebook marketing and advertising …
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YouTube for Small Business Made Easy

Any marketing business will tell you about how useful YouTube can be for promoting your business. With YouTube videos, you can show off your business and your products in ways that words on paper or on your website can’t get …
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