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Content and Guest Post Guidelines


bMighty2 strives to be the ultimate resource for small business owners and always present the best and most informative small business advice and resources on the web.

Our audience is compromised of small businesses and nonprofits and we have built a strong relationship with our audience as a trusted partner providing easy to understand and no nonsense consultation.

With this in mind, we would like to extend an offer to other marketers and consultants to guest post on our blog. However, we do have a few non-negotiable guidelines for guest blog posts to make sure we are always serving our audience.



1. Guest blog posts must be on topic and highly relevant to our audience. Each request and blog post will be reviewed and evaluated. Just because we have accepted previous posts from you does not ensure we will accept future posts. Quality content that speaks to the target audience is our first and foremost concern.

2. Guest posts should be original content and NOT posted anywhere else on the web. This includes even on your own website. Submissions should be exclusively for our audience.

3. Guest blog posts should refrain from making direct sales pitches and should only contain relevant links that enhance the content and create greater understanding for the audience.

4. We reserve the right to fully curate and edit any submission you provide. In addition, we may add artwork and images to make your post conform to our overall branding and look and feel.

5. Any content you submit to bMighty2 will become the property of bMighty2. We reserve the right to use that content in anyway we see fit this includes but is not limited to using it for promotional purposes, sharing on social media and via email campaigns and so on.



1. Your content should be more than 500 words and well though out and researched.

2. Your ideas and thoughts should be easy to access and not overly laden with jargon. Keep in mind the audience here does not know insider jargon.

3. bMighty2 is a web development & design firm offering WordPress templates and webmaster services to small businesses and non profits. We are not accepting any content from competing firms or firms recommending other CMS platforms, hosting solutions etc…

4. Your content should directly apply to small business and marketing and business development. Here are content areas we will accept submissions for:

  • Business development and nonprofit management
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Product reviews for different tools and resources for marketing and development
  • Search engine marketing
  • Review management and reputation management
  • Email marketing
  • Content creation both visuals and text content

**Ideas are not limited to just these but these are a good place to start. Not sure if your content fits? Contact us and let us know what your thinking and we can let you know.



1. We will ask you to submit a bio and description of your business and services which can include links back to your professional website.

2. We will always attribute your articles that are posted on our website with the bio you have provided above. Additionally, we will try our best to make attributions whenever or if we ever use your content in other places for promotion etc…

3. Content that is deemed exceptional will be promoted via social media and our email campaigns giving you additional reach and exposure. Not all content will be promoted in this way but exceptional content will be.

4. Since the content and providers will be highly curated we will allow follow links back to your professional site passing on link juice for you and your site.

5. You can provide content and downloadables directly within your post, including art such as banners that link off to your site. KEEP in mind all of the content is reviewable and your post maybe top notch but if your link or downloadable is overly spammy your post will be rejected.

6. We will only accept content of the highest quality insuring that your content maintains the highest level of authority in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

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