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Create a Great Subject Line For Your Email!

When you send out an email campaign to your subscribers or even just an email to one of your colleagues, your subject line is the first point of contact with the recipients of the email. However, a poor subject line can fail to grab the attention of your subscribers and can also trigger spam filters, which can damage your email campaigns. Here are a few tips for crafting a subject line that will both grab the attention of your subscribers and help you avoid spam filters:

Words to Avoid:


Spam filters marks emails it believes to be spam by identifying specific keywords in the subject line that it believes relates to a spammy email. Not only will certain words set off spam filters, but some words can damage your open rates as well.

Words such as FREE, DONATE, HELP, SALE, and % OFF are all words that will start to set off spam filters and also will cause recipients avoid opening your emails. Readers who see FREE in the subject line can usually tell that the email is a sales pitch of some sort and will most likely ignore or delete it. The same goes for emails with subject lines which include the words SALE and % OFF. Your subscribers are smart, they know a sales email when they see it.

As for the subject lines with the words HELP or DONATE, your subscribers will usually not like it when you TELL them to take an action. Thats what email with subject lines such as “Help Us Spread the News,” or “DONATE NOW” communicate to your recipients. You don’t want to TELL your recipients what to do, you want to help them make those decisions on their own.

What Does a Good Subject Line Look Like?


When you are crafting your subject line, it should communicate the following: Important timely and useful information, personal information, and an incentive to open the email.

For instance, if you were sending out a monthly newsletter, you would want a simple subject line such as: “Monthly Dental Hygiene Tips. ” You want your subject line to create a desire in your subscribers to open the information. With this dental example, the subscribers see that subject line and see that you are giving out information, NOT a sales pitch.

The best habit to get into when you are creating your subject lines is to jump into the shoes of the recipients of your email. Ask yourself before you send out the email, if you received the email you are about send out and you say our subject line, would you open it?

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