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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of making your site readable and indexable to search engines. Taking the time to ensure your website content is visible to search engines by properly structuring and optimizing your highly relevant content is critical to your business. Being on page one of a Google search versus page two, could mean thousands of dollars to your business.

On Page SEO: Making sure you use relevant keywords is critical if you want your business to appear in keyword searches that will drive traffic to your site. Remember, search results are primarily text based and if your site doesn’t contain the keywords or phrases that users search, your business you will be practically invisible.

Optimize Performance & Security: Search engines do not like sites that are slow or are not accessible on some devices. Taking the time to ensure your site loads quickly and across a variety of devices is essential to ranking in relevant searches.

Technical SEO: There are a number of technical factors that can keep search engines from indexing your website and content. Clean and well structured code on your site will guarantee that search engines can access and properly index your site.

Local Listings: Having your business on a variety of outside websites increases the chances you will be found in search results. Additionally, search engines see sites with more inbound links as being more important and trusted then sites that don’t.

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