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Facebook Mistakes too MANY Small Businesses Make

Facebook dislike imageSo by now you realize Facebook is a great platform to help promote your small business. But are you doing things that might be holding you back. Make sure you are not making these common Facebook business page mistakes.

1. Not completing your profile.

When you set a Facebook business page it is important that you fully fill out all your information this includes, a thumbnail image, a cover photo, complete business description, address, website URL, and contact information. There’s nothing worst then going to a Facebook page and finding one or all of these items missing.

2. Not Customizing the Facebook URL.

By default Facebook URLs look something like this{your-business-name}/1234556543789. Not very user friendly. Right after you finishing your profile the very next thing you should do is go to the admin section and customize your URL. Make it easy to remember and to relevant to your business. You should then put your Facebook URL everywhere, website, other social media, business cards, ads, and so on. Having a customized URL should also help Google better index your page for searches.

3. Uninspiring, boring cover image.

Pay special attention to your Facebook cover image, remember, a picture is worth a thousand words and a good cover image can say a lot about your business to a prospective customer. Pick an image that conveys what’s important and different about your business. To often business resort to the canned picture of the outside of your business, BORING! Get a little creative and do something fun and communicates what makes your business special. Occasionally updating your cover image will keep things fresh and fun.

Web Marketing Superhero Team image


Facebook thumbnail image

Easily identifiable and graphically strong image.

4. Thumbnail images that are not recognizable.

Thumbnail images are the life blood of your Facebook page. Most of the interaction that your business will have on Facebook will be via users news stream and your thumbnail image will be front and center. Use an image that is highly recognizable at a glance. To often businesses try to use logos and images that don’t fit the format correctly or don’t distinguish themselves from the hundreds of other items that are in a users Facebook news stream. Consider creating a specific piece of art of logo that is just for Facebook.

Need more information on image sizes for Facebook. Check out our handy Facebook Cheatsheet.






5. Text, text, and more text.

FACT: Facebook is a visual medium. A quick look at your Facebook Insights will bear this out. Images and videos ALWAYS create more user interaction than text and if you want your Facebook posts to be seen creating engaging content is a must.

6. Not posting consistently.

If you decide to use Facebook you have to commit to being consistent with your posts. Not posting with enough frequency to effect your Facebook Edgerank. Edgerank, what’s that? Edgerank is the way Facebook determines how relevant your content is and therefore, how high your posts will show in a users news stream. Set a achievable goal and be consistent. We always recommend that a business page post at least 3 times a week to start with. If it makes life easier, create all your posts at once at the beginning of the week and use Facebook’s scheduling tool to have those posts go out at regular intervals through out the week. You can always supplement additional spontaneous posts at other times through the week.



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When not steering the ship here at bMighty2 you can find him out with his two daughters chasing them down a mountain either on a mountain bike or on skis.

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