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Gone in 7 Seconds


Have you seen the movie “Gone in 60 Seconds”? You know, the one with Nicolas Cage. About the cars. I know, sometimes all the Nic Cage movies can just blend together into one long movie about stealing the Declaration of Independence. Anyway, the basic gist (I’m going to butcher the plot) is that Nic Cage is a car thief. And when he’s stealing a car, he usually has a small window of opportunity to get in, get the car, and get out (especially when he’s trying to take “Eleanor”, the Mustang Shelby GT 500…). If he’s sloppy or careless, or let’s his accident-prone brother get involved, he’ll miss his chance and either lose the car, or go to jail. Great movie.

But anyway, I was reading a book recently about advertising. In the book, the author said that in a typical sales letter advertisement you have about 7 seconds to engage the reader.

7 seconds.

After that, no sale. It doesn’t matter how much time and money you put into it. It doesn’t matter what pictures you used and how much the photo shoot cost to capture your product. It doesn’t matter.

What matters is that in 7 seconds, you engaged them, or you lost them. You get the car, or you go to jail.

7 seconds.

Now, transfer that principle over to your website. How long do you think someone is going to stay on your business’ site? 7 seconds? 10 seconds? 12 seconds?

What are you doing to make sure you ENGAGE your site visitor? Are you writing copy (words) that speak to them where they are? Are you entering into the conversation that is already happening in their minds? Are you making sure that your website is designed in a way that matters to THEM? Is it difficult for them to find the information most people are probably looking for?

Today, write on a piece of paper the things that your typical prospect is looking for on your website. What questions are most pressing in their minds? What information are they looking for? And how can you deliver that to them in the most convenient and engaging way possible? You might also want to apply this assignment to your social media pages too. Be intentional, be strategic. Or you’re going to lose them.

I’m telling you right now, if you throw your design and content together haphazardly, it doesn’t matter how much time and money you invested, they are gone. In 7 seconds.

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Bryan is one of the founders of bMighty2 and is the COO. Along with being a huge advocate for small businesses his extensive background as a small business consultant gives him a unique insight into small businesses and their unique challenges and needs.

When not steering the ship here at bMighty2 you can find him out with his two daughters chasing them down a mountain either on a mountain bike or on skis.


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