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How Colors Influence Consumer Spending

Consumer-BuyingHave you ever clicked on a Facebook ad or made an impulse purchase just because the color caught your eye? Well, you’re not alone.

Colors communicate particular feelings and emotions but they also serve as a pivotal tool for impacting consumers’ decision to make a purchase.

Using the right colors can direct your customers to take specific action. Think about that big red button on your website. What does it say to potential customers?

It’s important to understand which colors evoke certain emotions that your target audience might respond to. Here is a quick breakdown:

  • blue represents trust and reliability
  • red represents rich and refined
  • orange represents fun, quality and affordability



Of the top 100 Brands studied in the infographic below,  95 percent of the companies use only one or two colors in their logo. Think about Target’s red and white bullseye.

Check out the infographic below to see what colors your business should use and what colors to avoid.


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