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How Do You Define a Good Website?

There are millions of websites currently on the internet. Some are aesthetically pleasing, others are a total mess, and then there are websites that don’t function the way they are supposed to. If you’re in need of a new website, there are certain criteria your website should adhere to that you need to be aware of. So, what makes a good website?

Appearance and Consistent Design

Every business is unique. Your website should reflect your vision, your voice, your personality. Not someone else’s, or even worse: multiple personalities. A website should be consistent in its layout, text and use of colors across all pages. If you’re in a professional industry, your website should reflect that, without being boring. If you’re in the sports industry, your website should have a sporty look that entices others to join.


There are certain basic features every website should have, and then there are other optional features you may want to consider adding to your website. Here are a few examples:

  • You may want your customers to sign up for a newsletter or register for an event. For this you’ll need a registration form.
  • Photos and videos can brighten up you site and help retain visitors.
  • If you want to grow your online presence, you may want your visitors to share new posts or photos on multiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The easiest way to achieve this is to have social media buttons embedded into your site that makes sharing a breeze.
  • Customers may need to pay you online, whether you’re selling a product or service, or in the case of a non-profit you may want people to donate to your organisation.

It’s important that it’s easy to navigate your site; all your links and forms should work without any glitches, and the pages should not load too slowly. If not, you will lose visitors to your site.

Easy-to-Use Backend

Have you ever struggled adding a quote, or positioning a picture exactly in the centre of the page – not half an inch off – only to realize your backend will not allow such a thing. You phone a developer who fixes the problem for you in code a week after you wanted it done, costing you an arm and a leg. The most frustrating thing is probably not being able to make the changes yourself as and when you need it. A good web designer will build a user-friendly site with a backend anybody can edit. And if they’re really good, they’ll also teach you how to use it.

There are many web designers out there. Finding the right fit for your business is important, a designer that understands your needs and help you achieve your vision. Here at bMighty2 we make sure we understand your needs and online objectives, and build a unique website that reflects who you are and works to help you achieve the goals you have in mind.

˝This website has made a hugely positive impact on our bottom line and quality of product we can offer.˝ – Sabra Davison, Little Bellas

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