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How to Schedule a Post on Facebook

As a small business owner your time is valuable. Scheduling posts on Facebook can save you time and allow you to do the bulk of your Facebook work all at once. You can schedule posts up to 6 months in advance, I recommend scheduling a bulk of your posts and then supplementing those posts, occasionally, with timely as they happen updates.

A step-by-step guide how to schedule your posts on Facebook.


1. Go to the permalink post on your blog and copy the link. You will find the link in the address bar. Highlight the URL and copy (Ctrl + C or Command + C on a Mac).

Facebook Post 1

2. Go to your Facebook business page. In the status box, paste the link you copied from your blog post. This should bring in the image and summary of the post.

Facebook scheduled post image 2

Sometimes I find Facebook can be a little buggy. If your image does not pull-in with the summary of the post as shown below, just delete the link, refresh the page, and re-paste the link. It usually works the second time. Then you can delete the link and write a little something about the post to make it personal.

Facebook scheduled post image 4

3. Click the blue “Post” button and a drop down will appear. This is where you select “Schedule Post.” You will also see you can backdate or draft a post.

Facebook scheduled post image 3

4. In the pop-up box, select the day and time you would like the post to go live. Click the blue “Schedule” button to set the date and time.

Facebook scheduled post image 5

5. You will see a notification in your timeline for all your scheduled post.

Facebook scheduled post image 6

You can prepare posts and schedule them to be published on your Business Page on different dates. Scheduled posts need to be shared between 10 minutes and 6 months from the time you create them.

To schedule a post:

  1. Start creating your post at the top of your Page’s Timeline
  2. Click next to Post
  3. Select Schedule Post
  4. Choose the date and time you want the post to be published
  5. Click Schedule

If you choose a date in the past, the post will appear immediately in the appropriate place on your Page’s Timeline. All times correspond to the current time zone you’re in.

Note: You can’t schedule a post from your personal timeline.

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