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My Business Website Is Live – Now What?

After weeks of working with the web designer, developer, and copywriter, your business website is finally live. Now you can just sit back, forget about it, and let it reel in the customers, right? Wrong – a website needs regular maintenance and upkeep in order to stay fresh and up-to-date. Here are a few tips on how to keep your website from becoming stale and out-of-date.

Start a blog

By continually adding new content, you’ll be giving visitors a reason to keep coming back to your website, and the easiest way to do it is by blogging. Technically it’s relatively easy to start up a blog  – the tough part is coming up with topics and actually writing about them. Fortunately, you can outsource that task, leaving you free to focus on other aspects of your business.

Change the images once in a while

The images on a website are typically the first thing most visitors notice about it, so changing them every so often will help to freshen up the look of your website without resorting to a complete design overhaul. Switch out your images at least every six months – every three months or so is even better. You can find professional business images and photos on stock image sites like iStockphoto.

Check the links

It happens all the time – a website’s pages are shuffled around, or the website shuts down altogether. The result – links that don’t work. Take some time every few weeks to test the links on your website to ensure that they still link to the correct location.

Incorporate video

Video is a great way to add interesting content to your website, and because it’s become relatively inexpensive to produce, you can add a new one once every couple of weeks or so. Consider putting a welcome video on your home page, or a video that demonstrates how to use one of your products. Video interviews with happy customers are also a great idea.

Show featured clients

Speaking of happy customers, showcasing a featured client or customer once a month or so is a good way to freshen up your content, not to mention give both yourself and your client a bit of a marketing boost. In short, it’s a win-win-win situation. A video interview is the perfect way to do it, but a write-up with accompanying photos will work, too.

If you want your website to keep attracting visitors, you’ve got to work to keep it fresh. Tend to it regularly and weed out the stale content, and you can be sure your website will maintain its appeal to both new and returning visitors alike.

About Lori Mattern

Lori Mattern

Lori Mattern is Content Manager at bMighty2, where she writes for our blog, helps manage our Facebook page, and develops content for clients. She lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, and received her bachelor's degree at Purdue University and her master's degree at Ohio State University. When she's not hunched over her computer keyboard typing furiously away, she enjoys reading, working out (yes, really), and boning up on her mad WordPress skillz.

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