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Social Media Marketing Strategies for Small Business

Chart your marketing courseThere’s no question, social media marketing has forever changed the compass of traditional ways of marketing. Social media has taken the business world like a tempest and revolutionized the way people are doing business online. First off, the waves of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn – or the like, have bridged the gap to substantially attract more people to your small business website. But what’s really momentous is the advantage small business owners now have to prospect, connect, engage and reach a vastly deep consumer audience unlike ever before. Yet, if it’s not done properly there could be swells of repercussions, and well… you just might find yourself adrift.

Here are a few small business marketing tips to help navigate the way:


Chart the Course — Make a Plan

Social media marketing requires a well-thought out strategy that should examine your goals, objectives and ways you’ll measure success. What are your main interests for using social media? Is it to build awareness or credibility? Increase sales? Remember, not all social platforms may be appropriate for your type of business. So consider which networks make the most sense, take the helm and steer from there.


Making Headway — Engaging and Worthwhile Content

It’s all about content in the proper context that is worth sharing. Your content is what mobilizes your social media marketing, so if you’re going to engage then make it valuable, and easy for others to share and connect with you. Hook them with a variety of content using links to blogs, landing pages, email and to other social sites.


Avoid Mutiny — The Etiquette of Social Media

Following social etiquettes will prevent you from capsizing. Knowing what to do, how to do it and what to avoid will gain you acceptance, grow followers and be noticed. Sharing more than you promote on average will prevent others from casting you out as a spammer. You don’t want to oversell or constantly solicit. The rule of thumb is for every 10-12 posts you share make only one a promotional post. Of course, courtesy, respect and timely responses go a long way but knowing how to play by the rules is key.


Appoint a First Mate — The Social Media Manager

Most small business owners are already overwhelmed with the daily tasks of running a business let alone now trying to find the time to plunge into social media marketing. And those who try to do it without support often are unable to harness the efficacy of the social web. Rather than being engulfed by the ebb and flow of social media, why not delegate a Social Media expert to run the course and keep your business underway?


So get your heading on! If you’re not blogging about your business, tweeting or retweeting, providing commentary or following people of interest socially, then you’re missing the boat — with ALL those new customers already onboard.

About Bryan


Bryan is one of the founders of bMighty2 and is the COO. Along with being a huge advocate for small businesses his extensive background as a small business consultant gives him a unique insight into small businesses and their unique challenges and needs.

When not steering the ship here at bMighty2 you can find him out with his two daughters chasing them down a mountain either on a mountain bike or on skis.

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