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The Benefits of Guest Blogging on Other Blogs

Guest blogging has been getting a lot of buzz lately in the Internet marketing world. In fact, if you’ve been blogging for a while, you may have already been approached to provide a guest post for another business blog. Rather than view it as just another task on your already jam-packed to-do list, consider the benefits you’ll experience from guest blogging on other blogs.

You’ll gain a wider audience

When you guest blog, you’ll be reaching more people than you would by just sticking to your own blog. By posting informative, interesting guest articles, your new audience will be more likely to check out your own blog and become regular readers there. The more you guest blog, the more likely you’ll keep attracting a wider audience.

You’ll build business relationships

By guest posting on other blogs, you’ll open the door to developing relationships with others in your industry. You won’t foster relationships by simply submitting an article and forgetting about it, however – make sure you interact with readers via the comments, and follow up with the blog owner to see what he thought of it. If you’re lucky, he’ll spread the word about what a great guest blogger you are, and you’ll end up connecting with other bloggers and possibly discovering new joint venture opportunities.

You can gain new business opportunities

Speaking of joint ventures, the possibility of discovering new business opportunities is another great reason to jump at the chance to guest blog. Not only could you team up with others in your industry to offer a new product or service, but with a wider audience there’s a greater chance that you’ll be attracting business directly from your readers. Guest post regularly, and you might just start getting emails asking about hiring you!

You can build a reputation as an expert

Guest blogging can get you a reputation as an industry expert – that is, as long as you write informative, in-depth articles rather than low-quality content. Guest posting on well-known, authoritative blogs will boost your reputation the most, but initially you may have to post on less-trafficked blogs. Keep at it, though, and eventually you’ll be considered an authority in your field.

While guest blogging is a great way to add incoming links to your website or blog, it’s more than just a link-building tactic. Done right, it can help to develop business relationships, attract potential customers, and improve your reputation in the industry – all of which makes guest blogging worth the extra time and effort.

About Lori Mattern

Lori Mattern

Lori Mattern is Content Manager at bMighty2, where she writes for our blog, helps manage our Facebook page, and develops content for clients. She lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, and received her bachelor's degree at Purdue University and her master's degree at Ohio State University. When she's not hunched over her computer keyboard typing furiously away, she enjoys reading, working out (yes, really), and boning up on her mad WordPress skillz.


  1. pary matin says:

    Awesome article, Guest post has a lot of benefits, and i can say we have 3 or more benefit as you mentioned above, which is Back-link, traffic and exposure which we require most to keep our blog healthy but it is required to submit a post to related blogs if you want maximum benefit of guest posting.
    keep it up please 🙂

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