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Update Your Small Business Marketing Plan!

Marketing PlanMarketing a small business is all about putting yourself into the shoes of your customers and understanding why the buy your products, how they buy your products and what makes your different from your competition. These reasons WILL change constantly from year to year, month to month, and even week to week. This means that it is all the more important that you keep your Marketing Plan up to date on a consistent basis. Here are a few helpful tips for updating your plan of attack for your marketing:

1. Know who your customers are and how they perceive your products and services.

In the world of marketing, this is called “Positioning.” By knowing what type of customer comes into your business, how your products/services serve your customers and the value that they get from them, you can gain an understanding of how you can position yourself in the marketplace.

For example, lets say you are a car mechanic and you work mostly on expensive imports. You mostly cater to people who need Mercedes or BMWs worked on. You can therefore see that your customer base is mostly upper-middle class to wealthy. You can then customize your marketing around those types of consumers.

2. Tap Into Your Employee’s Knowledge:

For many businesses, there are few people who understand your customer more than your frontline employees. Employees that answer phones, wait tables, work cash registers etc. deal with your customers on a regular basis! You should be constantly talking with them about who is coming through your doors. Also make sure that you are collecting information from these employees on a regular basis on what products/services are doing well, and which ones are not doing so hot. This information will be critical in creating that positioning of your business.

5. Understand Where Your Customers Come From:

knowing how customers find out about your business is one of the most important steps in creating your marketing plan. This information will help you understand which campaigns you have out there are working, and even make you aware of marketing opportunities that you didn’t even know existed. You need to do as much as possible to gain information about where these customers are coming from, so you can focus your energy on channels that are working. This means do anything from surveys to even just asking customers while you are doing business!

4. Create Goals and Strategies to Reach Them:

Every marketing campaign should have an end goal with which you can evaluate the success of your marketing. A goal can be anything from a % increase in sales, to a certain number of newsletter sign-ups, or even a better open rate for an email campaign. With every marketing attempt that your try, make sure that set benchmarks for their success. If your campaigns don’t reach those benchmarks, try something different.

To find out more about how you can create these Goals and Strategies and other great tips and tricks, Check out our July 2013 webinar on “How to Become a 5-Star Marketer!”


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Bryan is one of the founders of bMighty2 and is the COO. Along with being a huge advocate for small businesses his extensive background as a small business consultant gives him a unique insight into small businesses and their unique challenges and needs.

When not steering the ship here at bMighty2 you can find him out with his two daughters chasing them down a mountain either on a mountain bike or on skis.

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