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Your Secret Weapon: One Thing You Should Be Doing That You’re Probably Not!

conversationWhen it comes to building and growing your business, finding new customers and maintaining hold of your their attention is one of the most difficult things to do as a small business marketer. It’s all about building relationships and encouraging your potential customers and clients to do business with your business. So how do you do that without spending countless hours in a day that is already to short? Follow these tips and discover the one, simple secret weapon that could save you time and see your small business revenue multiply.

The key quality for lead nurturing

Building a solid relationship with your users is one of the best ways to create conversions. And yet a lot of small businesses don’t invest the time to do this and the long term consequences can be detrimental. Good relationships are built on trust: a consumer is far more likely to buy from you if they trust your product, and trust that your company can provide them with the solution they need.

And the best way to build trust? It’s to be visible. If users have signed up to your email list, it’s because they’re interested in what you have to offer. If you don’t regularly stay in touch, you’ll become forgettable. Setting up an automated email service is a brilliant way of reminding consumers that you’re still in business and landing in their inbox at the right time could gain you a solid conversion.

The follow up process: step by step

You may have great ideas for an email marketing campaign, and that’s fantastic. But if you don’t have the leads in the first place, you’re limiting your outreach. The best way to grab a user’s attention is to have a professional website. Make it easy for users to see what you have to offer and provide them with a way to sign up to your list quickly.

Now you have your email list, it’s time to maximize its effectiveness. To do this successfully, it’s all about timing. Your marketing efforts should be regular, valuable and noticeable. However, It’s important not to adopt the pushy salesman mentality, as this will turn users off.

The best way to get noticed by customers is to use your other marketing strategies. If you have a social media presence, monitor it for when users are most active and schedule your emails for when potential leads are more likely to see it. Use an automated email tool like AWeber to schedule emails without fuss.

Now, the only thing left to do is provide value, or your email will likely go straight into the trash can. Provide an incentive such as a coupon for future purchases if they follow the link and this will help generate future revenue. Again, look to your social media and listen to your followers. You’ll build trust and gain insight into solutions only you can provide.

Taking the time to build relationships with users is time consuming, but it’s the secret weapon in your arsenal that will keep customers coming back for more. Implement a solid email marketing strategy and you can maximize your earnings. That email into a user’s inbox could arrive exactly when they need it, and it’s the perfect opportunity to market your company.

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